Self Confidence

Introduction, my pitch, what is this all about?

“I have a dream that one day this nation will live up to its creed, that all men are created equal”.

Martin Luther King

This is one of my favourite quotes. 

When I think about the wider message, the mammoth task ahead when Martin Luther King said these legendary words, the point to this quote, the greatness of Martin Luther King’s dream in those times, the bravery required to say it out loud and the selflessness of doing so, I feel accountable to myself, my own dream and the people that I want to reach out to.

Surely if he can be honest and open about his dream, despite all of the adversity that he faced in doing so, we can all have that same bravery and accountability to ourselves and the bigger picture and just go for it no matter the size and almost impossible nature of the dream.

I have an overwhelming sense of duty

To any single person who may read one of my articles and off the back of doing so, decide that they are going to take some action which they may not have previously felt empowered enough to take.

That is what this is all about. It’s about empowerment. I would now like to share my own dream with you.

Yes, I have a dream. 

My dream.

My dream is that one day, every woman, no matter what background she has grown up in, or what she may have grown through in her life, will know just how extraordinarily powerful she is. 

Every young woman will recognise that she can do whatever she sets her mind to and that she has everything that she needs to do this, within her.

Every young girl will know that she is enough and that she is in this world for a special purpose specific to her. This knowledge will make her excited rather than afraid of her future and even when the fear does come, this will not stop her, she will feel the fear and go ahead and do it anyway.

Little girls will be brave and grow to be brave women.

Sisters will encourage and support each other, mothers will raise their daughters to have the biggest of aspirations and help them to be the best version of themselves. 

We will celebrate our differences and promote each other’s quirks and be in love with our imperfections.

We will not judge each other for the choices we make but have the conversation and develop the understanding of each other so that we recognise that we are all unique individuals with our own dreams, goals and aspirations and just because they are not the same as everyone else’s does not warrant judgement or hate.

We will inspire each other to make the big scary changes that we want to see happening in this world and when we hear of a female and her aspiration to make a difference we will not mock and cast shade upon her but celebrate her and ask how we can help.

It is exactly as Gandhi said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Let’s identify what needs to be changed, start the narrative on what is required for the change to be able to take place and then get to work on being and making that change. 

It is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

We will not compete with each other, we will not compare ourselves or hate on each other.

We will celebrate each other for our successes, motivate and urge each other to keep going, coach and mentor our young females coming through and only compete with the woman that we was yesterday. 

I understand that competition is healthy but I also recognise how unhealthy it can become when we start comparing ourselves but fail to recognise that the comparison is not realistic or logical. I talk about this in one of my later articles. I will go deep into comparison and competition and why this is detrimental when done with a negative agenda. 

Yes, there is a clever and healthy way to compare and compete but there is also an unhealthy way which will only introduce negativity, a sense of failure and possibly lead to setting you back on your own endeavour. But this is another article, so let’s go back to the dream.

All of the above is my dream.

I am willing to devote myself to my dream and to raising female awareness in the process. 

I can’t explain why I have this overwhelming need to reach out. Honestly, I cannot ever remember not feeling the need. It has grown as I have grown and now it is such a massive part of me. Maybe I will reach one single person and then for me, it has been absolutely worth it. 

Of course, I am ambitious and would love to get this message to every single female of the world, but I would never let that ambition drown out the basic purest point of this whole endeavour.

For now, I want to reach you. Yes you, the one reading this right now with whatever else you have going on in your life.

You have taken some time out to read this. Thank you deeply for taking that time out for me. I see you phenomenal female.

I will eventually open up the dialogue around the world about my dream. For now, this is just the beginning. Yes, I have plans, so many fantastic ideas, aspirations and designs which I will share along the way. Please share yours, I would love to hear. 

I will be authentic about my own journey and imperfections so that you will see that you are not alone in yours.

I will help you to recognise your own powerful self. I will help you achieve all of your wildest dreams, not because I have all of the answers, but because by my very nature, I am an empowerer. 

We will do this journey together, bring along whoever you like. I will be here if you need me. 

Now let’s make it happen. 

Good luck, I am here with you every step of the way. 

Your imperfect woman,


Marie Hall

Marie’s objective in creating EMPOWERMENT HOUSE was to create enabling and empowering environments for women to connect with like-minded women, be supported as they take back their power, find their voices and define their life in accordance with their decisions and definition of success.