We pride ourselves in leveraging the achievements of other women, and our partnerships reflect that. We’re happy to work with some amazing female-founded businesses, including:


The Women’s Organisation

Established in 1996, The Women’s Organisation is a Liverpool-based company that offers training and business support for women across the North West. Since it was founded, The Women’s Organisation has gone on to help over 50,000 women achieve their personal development and business goals.

The Women’s Organisation were Marie’s first point of call for turning her idea into a business. With the help of their business advisors, events, training and ongoing support, Empowerment House was made a reality.


J&R is a content marketing agency based in Liverpool that offers bespoke services and training to small businesses. Their areas of expertise include content, identity and experience. As a female-centric company, J&R is passionate about bolstering its fellow female-founded business.

J&R is responsible for Empowerment House’s branding and the creation of our website. They made sure to create a professional brand and website that stayed true to Marie’s original vision. J&R also provided Marie with social media training, allowing her to enhance her knowledge and use of social media from a business perspective.

Single Mums Business Network

The Single Mum’s Business Network aims to help women gain business opportunities, whilst dispelling the misconception that single mums aren’t career-driven. Their membership offers free or discounted tickets for events, networking opportunities and PR benefits.

As a friend of the network, Marie would highly recommend that any single mums in business reach out to Julie Hawkins. Julie works tirelessly to give single mums in business the support and exposure that they deserve.