Radically Resilient

When the clocks change in October I don’t know about you but I feel like hibernating. Instead I reach for the SAD lamp. This is my crutch – to help me go into winter and come through the other side. This response is a metaphor for what I want to talk about in this guest blog post. Developing resilience. And doing that radically.

I am so unbelievably excited to have worked with Marie on this event. We concocted it during the summer but with one thing and another – including the pandemic – we decide to hold it back until now.

Please consider joining us this Thursday to hear from a brilliant panel about how they have dealt with adversity and achieved success. Success in the way they define it. Which of course is congruent with Empowerment House’s definition of success.

The Panel

I’m Jackie and I will be chairing the panel. I’ll talk a little about my own trials and tribulations and you’ll see that the professor you see in front of you has found ways of bouncing back in 24 hours (mostly) from some pretty tough times. Then, in turn, you will hear from four powerful and incredible females.

Amy Newton, founder of Inclusively Tech, will talk about the unconventional route she took to start her own company, and the barriers she overcame to do this. Dr Pragya Agarwal – author of books on unconscious bias and how to talk about race to children – will share her own story of adversity and overcoming it. Our very own Marie Hall will tap into her wisdom and insight, sprinkling her pixie dust for success with the audience (yes Marie – we know you are still learning). And finally, Peninah Wangari-Jones, director of the Race Equality Network, will tell us why she is a campaigner and how she is tackling systemic racial inequality.

As chair, I will find the threads that weave these experiences together and elicit tips and techniques that will help you develop your own resilience. I will ask each of the panellist to share something very personal. The event is designed to help you understand that you are not alone. You can walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. You can fast-track your learning by engaging with these phenomenal women.

It’s a conversation – raise your voice

The two-centuries worth of experience we have between us will be shared with the audience. But that’s only half of what this event is about. We want you to participate. We want your questions. Your fears. Your worries. Your thoughts, concerns and ideas. We all have a voice and have a right to be heard. The ultimate aim of this event is not for you to listen to us, but for us to talk to each other. So come along. Ask questions. Share. And together we will develop the radically resilient current and future generation of women that the world needs.

Who am I?

I’m Jackie. I’m a Late Bloomer. I was the first of my family to go to University and now I try to open the door to careers to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups. I’m driven by equality of opportunity for all. I’m a co-founder of Equality Starts at Home and believe that we have to give our daughters the opportunity to succeed in their lives. I’m a statistic and a human, a mother, daughter, sister and grandmother. I’ve had breast cancer (I blogged at 1in8women.wordpress.com). I speak out about equality and opportunity. And I am enormously grateful to be part of Empowerment House. I’ll say more at the event – so sign up and please share with those you think need to develop their own resilience!

Jackie Carter