Saturday self-reflection.

Most of us lead busy lives …

and my guess would be that a lot of people do not put aside time (or enough time) to have a think about our lives, to check on ourselves internally.  This is self reflection.

What does self-reflection mean?

Putting it simply, self-reflection means giving yourself time to think and considering your life and dreams in a positive way. It ensures that we don’t stay on the treadmill of life whilst hating every minute of it.  

When we practice self-reflection, we can evaluate how we are doing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

We can consider which events and people make us feel good, then how we can change the things that don’t.  

We can see the “now” and put this into context with the rest of our lives, which allows us to make future plans and appreciate the good things.

Self-reflection allows us to get to know more about ourselves, such as understanding our beliefs, views and morals.  This allows us to implement healthy boundaries. 

We can truly understand what we need in our lives and how to achieve this.

Knowing ourselves also allows us to form and maintain relationships which are good for us.  

Be aware of your needs and take action to get there, so this Saturday take time to just think and reflect.

How can we practice self-reflection effectively?

Self-reflection can be done in different ways but Journal writing is my favourite – let your thoughts pour out onto a page.  Reflect on your day, what has happened (good and bad), what you have learned, who you have met and how these things have made you feel.

Journal writing creates positivity, write down the things that went well and celebrate your wins.  This will allow you to see the good in even the hardest of days.  

It also gives our brain a rest from working hard and the chance to process thoughts, it soothes the mind and allows for creativity.

You are more likely to be honest with your emotions, which gives us self-knowledge and awareness.  

Self-reflection must be followed by action in order to have an affect on your life and this is where Goal setting is important. 

Write out goals for the day, the week and the month.  What do you want to achieve, where do you want to be, what do you want your life to look like? Imagine how it would feel to achieve those things.  

Make sure your goals are clear, achievable and realistic.  Break down your goals for the month into smaller chunks, this will make longer term goals less daunting.  

Setting these goals will keep your focus and energy where you need it, reflecting on them later will create an amazing sense of progress.

So take that time today to understand yourself more, what you want from your life and how you might get there.  Decide on actions and make this a weekly routine, to give you a happier and more successful life.

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