Take action, change your life.

Let’s start by eliminating the myth that every action has to be a big planned for, monumental move. It doesn’t. It will take one small step, every day, over a period of time.

Taking action is not just important, it’s critical. It’s that thing that turns a dream, into reality.

Don’t be too busy to create the life of your dreams. Don’t put off those actions that are going to lead you to the life you always wanted? You, loving life and being excited about what you are waking up to in the morning, feeling aligned and driven with passion and focus.

You and your best life are your absolute priority. It is in your hands to make it happen.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. What you will get from the journey, is as important as actually arriving at your destination. It is all part of the process of your own personal growth and pursuing your definitions of happiness and success.

Consistent action no matter how big or small, taken in the right direction each day, will lead to goals being achieved. Each action you take will lead to a new lesson being learned and to your own personal growth.

Some of us procrastinate. Often when we procrastinate it’s because we don’t fully know what it is we need to do and we use lack of knowledge as a reason to not continue. This is why one clear action per day, consistently over a period of time is better than trying to do it all in a day, or trying to have all of the answers and steps laid out, before you begin.

Let’s use the analogy of a trip. I plan to drive from Liverpool to London tonight. Imagine if I said I can’t go because I don’t know the name of every road I need to turn down in advance. I don’t know the specific and exact stops I am going to have to make. I don’t know where every petrol station is so that I can fill up when I need to. I don’t have all of the answers for every step between my current location and my end goal (London), so I’m going to leave it. It’s too much. I must be clear on all of the steps and seeing as I am not, I am not even going to take the first step.

You don’t need to know every single step that you need to take in order to take the first step. My evidence is in the trip to London analogy.

How many trips have we been on in our lives and we didn’t need to know every step before we took the trip?

Did we get there? Yes we did.

Did we get lost on some trips? Maybe. But did we get back on track eventually? Yes we did.

Were we a little unprepared at times? Running out of petrol, arriving late, getting there and finding it wasn’t that one we were looking for, it was the one on the other side of town? It has happened to us all.

Did we not take the trip because of all of these eventualities? Of course we still went. We carried on regardless because at the time it was a necessity that we get to that location.

Is it not a necessity for you right now to decide that you are sick of living to only half of your potential?

Aren’t your dreams and goals a destination that is so important to you, you are going to take that first step and just do whatever it takes to get there?

I am telling you that you are important. You are powerful. You are capable. You can make your dreams your reality.

You don’t need the world to agree with you. It is ok if people laugh at you or underestimate you. They just don’t know what you are capable of right now, because up to this point you haven’t been playing at your full potential and so they thought the you of today, is the you of forever.

We know that not to be the case and so will they once you arrive at your destination and show the world what you came for.

You don’t need to be super talented, gifted, perfect and confident. You don’t need to consider the opinions of others.

All you need to do today, is decide. You decide that you are going to make it happen and then just do.

The only thing standing between you and your best life is you. It is you who will decide whether or not you are going to pursue. It will be you who decides whether to take the first step towards your goals. It will be you who decides whether you are going to let fear stop you.

The only person who you need permission or validation from is you.

Set the goal and do something to start off in the direction of achieving it.

The more we do to take ourselves towards the goal, the more realisations will open up to us and things become clearer.

A lot of the time, we take the first step and it is after taking that first step that the next steps become clearer to us.

The more steps we take, the more the path opens up and those steps that you didn’t realise needed to be taken at the start, become clearer. You don’t need to be clear on everything to start, but you must start.

It is never too late. No matter how low you feel, no matter how old you are, no matter how many times you have tried and been put on your backside, no matter how hopeless it all seems, no matter how scary it feels, it’s never too late to turn your life around. You can achieve that goal, just take action.

You are capable of achieving your dreams, if you are willing to do a few things you’ve never done before. Open your mind to the possibility that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

The best bit about taking action are the effects that taking action has on you. You’ll feel good about yourself, grow determined, more focused and most importantly after every action you take towards the goal, will empower you to take another.

Action effects every aspect of your life. When you increase the positive action you are taking in your life, the positive feelings you’ll experience naturally lead to differences in your confidence and behaviour.

As a person on a mission to achieve your goals and create the life you really want, you will have less time for gossip, drama or negativity.

You will give off different vibes. Like-minded people will be drawn to you and you will experience more productive days and feel good about yourself. You will have a focus. It will feel awesome to be you. Imagine how you are going to feel in 10 days, 28 days, 3 months, 12 months if you keep going.

These fantastic feelings of being more determined, focused and empowered grow every time you take a step forward. You become addicted to the fabulous feeling of achievement each time you get to tick an action off the list. Just off the back of taking these actions other things will start to open up to you.

Big or small, everyday do something towards your dream and then see where you are 12 months from now. You will be astonished by your own personal growth. You will also find yourself inspiring the people around you.

It can be scary taking the first steps but just remember nobody is able to do something absolutely perfect the first time.

Nobody is born the expert that they become. It happens with a lot of trial and error, lessons learned and persistence. The only “right time” is right now.

Remember, your life your rules.

It’s about empowerment.

Marie Hall

Marie’s objective in creating EMPOWERMENT HOUSE was to create enabling and empowering environments for women to connect with like-minded women, be supported as they take back their power, find their voices and define their life in accordance with their decisions and definition of success.