The Butterfly In Me.

By Angela Hanley.

My Journey.

I am Angela, the founder of The Butterfly In Me.

After living through my own struggles and coming through the other side, I developed a passion for spreading feel good vibes.

I spent many years supporting my husband through depression, not that I actually knew at the time. In my mind he was being difficult but the time came when the penny dropped that it was more than that.

It was difficult to accept there was a problem and things got to the point when I realised that my own mental health was deteriorating.

Thankfully he eventually got the help he needed and I then started to assess my own feelings, I realised that I had been struggling for a long time.  I had been ploughing through, continuing to work a pressurised job and supporting everyone around me, whilst mostly neglecting myself. 

I realised that I couldn’t go on and my emotional, mental and spiritual journey began. 

I started to educate myself about mental health, the power of the mind and the impact of a positive mind set.  This taught me a lot, like how personal transformation is possible and that you can achieve anything you want in life.

I set about finding the real “me” and really thinking about what I wanted to get out of my life

I heard about the EMPOWERMENT HOUSE course and, although completely out of my comfort zone, I threw myself in there. 

I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on me! The course, and the amazing people on it, inspired me to take control of my life and to go for the things I wanted to achieve.  I will be eternally grateful for that support.

I stopped worrying about the expectations and rules of others, or what they would think about the fact that I want to live my life in accordance with my own values, not theirs. 

I felt free to say no if I was being asked to do something I didn’t want to, feeling comfortable with it.  I understood that I was good enough and capable of achieving whatever I wanted. 

I felt more “me” than I had possibly ever felt before.

The Butterfly In Me Begins.

I realised that the subject of positivity and well-being made me feel alive, and maybe I could spread the message.  The Butterfly In Me was then born and I decided that I would actually make my passion into a business.

The butterfly is a symbol of change, hope and life and perfect to base my brand on, as I felt that I had found the butterfly in me and I wanted to help people to find their inner butterfly.

From then it felt like the universe was sending signals to me.  An orange butterfly has been of personal significance to me for some time and I found someone to help with my logo, that had previously designed an orange butterfly herself.  I felt like the butterfly was waiting for me and it stands proud on my branding.

What do I want to achieve?

I want to promote acceptance and pride of being exactly who we are, celebration of individuality, understanding that we are enough and strength to live our own lives, just the way we want.

I believe in the power of positive affirmations for changing thoughts and challenging negative beliefs.  Repeating positive words definitely worked for me and certainly made me feel empowered. I therefore wanted to use positive affirmations on my products.

My first products were clothing and the designs were centered around self-acceptance and self love, to celebrate who we are and our fabulosity!

More recently I launched some ‘relax products’ to promote self-care, which is particularly important right now, and I intend to offer further positive clothing in the Spring of 2021.

I am collaborating over the next 6 Saturdays (starting today) with EMPOWERMENT HOUSE.

Marie and I will be providing tips, affirmations and inspiration for all women over the next 6 Saturdays, to encourage you to be kind to yourself, give yourself plenty of love and get you feeling re-energised, as we approach the new year.

This Saturday’s blog post has been drafted to inspire you to believe in yourself and allow yourself to dream.

6 Saturdays of self care. Starting on Saturday 14th November 2020 and finishing on Saturday 19th December 2020.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my business ‘The Butterfly In Me’ you will find me across most social media platforms via my links below.




I hope you enjoy #6SaturdaysOfSelfCare 🧡

Angela Hanley