The EMPOWERMENT HOUSE, power of networking, ONLINE event.

This event is the one to get you through your fear of networking.

Why is networking a positive thing for us?

  • It enables you to engage, connect and develope relationships with like minded women. Many of whom may be either on a similar journey to you, able to support, guide or mentor you or you may be able to support, guide or mentor them.
  • It provides an opportunity for you to raise your own brand or profile. Make more people aware of you, your business and your goals and you may just find that the opportunities begin to come your way after you take the plunge and get yourself out there.
  • It is a confidence booster. The more you do it, the better you become and the more impact and benefit you start to feel off the back of your networking.

The above are just a few of the benefits. I could go on, but this post is not about the benefits. It’s about getting across just how much this networking event is not like any other.

Yes it is a networking event, yes you will connect with some incredible women, but you are not expected to show up knowing exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, or with a polished 60 second pitch. You don’t need to already be a super accomplished networker.

How about if I told you that this event is for the women that –

  1. Don’t have their 60 second pitch.
  2. Are not comfortable networking.
  3. Have the worst case of ‘imposter syndrome’ known to woman.
  4. Don’t quite know what they are trying to achieve from networking.
  5. Are not even sure if they know what it is, they just heard it could help them with confidence, raising their profile, getting the biz out there and they would really like to develope their own network.
  6. Really struggle to stay on track and often go off on a tangent.
  7. Don’t have their perfect list of networking objectives.
  8. Don’t know the best networking events out there.
  9. Have never attended a networking event.
  10. Really really really want to figure this networking lark out, but just don’t know where to start.

Today I am a confident networker and I thrive in environments full of men and women who I have never met before.

I love to ask women about their own stories and what they are up to and what they are trying to achieve in this big wide world.

I love collaborations and I love to develope fabulous connections with other like minded women.

This was not always the case for me though.

I was nervous, shy, felt inadequate and not good enough, felt like I had nothing to bring and like nobody would want to talk to me.

I was afraid of being judged, getting it wrong and looking like a blundering fool. So much so that I never dared attend a networking event.

Then I realised that the only way that I could ever get over and grow through all of that BS, would be to just do.

Do, imperfectly, do scared, do awkwardly and full of nerves.

I did and I won because do you know what? The majority of women in this world want you to win. They wanted me to win, they want you to win and they are incredible to be around and to get to know.

So, to all of the women who fit into any of the above, this networking event is for you.

It is your safe and enabling environment where you can make as many mistakes as you like, experience hiccup after hiccup.

Fall over a few times and guess what? Nobody will be judging, everyone will be supporting and you will be winning.

We will support you with your 60 second pitch.

We will discuss the pre-networking event nerves and imposter syndrome.

This event will enable you to identify your networking objectives easily and make the task of finding the right networking event for your networking objectives, no problem at all?

We’ll be talking about how to confidently follow up after connecting during a networking event and how to nurture that new connection over time.

We want you to come with all of your networking pains and we promise you that you will learn ways in which you can overcome them all. 

You will start networking more effectively and confidently and dare we say it, but you will also start to enjoy your networking journey rather than feeling so overwhelmed, unsure, frustrated at the lack of any positive outcomes and paralysed by the thought and having to introduce yourself.

We all know the benefits of really good, impactful networking when we are trying to raise our profile and create awareness around our personal brand and business, trying to change career path or get into a new industry, or looking for a new challenge or job, or maybe you just want to connect with some amazing and like minded people.

EMPOWERMENT HOUSE have totally got your back and developed this networking event to look at and discuss all of these things so that you can come away feeling completely ready and prepared to find the best networking events, handle your fear and imposter syndrome and feel completely supported as you do so.

Once a month, EMPOWERMENT HOUSE will be hosting the ‘Power of Networking’ online networking event.

  • We will talk about the common networking pains and work together to overcome and provide practical tips to overcome those pains.
  • There will be an opportunity to break out into break out rooms to discuss specific pains in smaller groups if necessary.
  • There will be an opportunity for you to pair up with an accountability buddy for the month leading up to the next event.
  • We will discuss how to identify what exactly it is you want out of your networking experience. Who are you wanting to network with? What are your specific networking goals and how are you most likely to achieve these? 

As well as all of the above, it is going to be a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with other like minded women on a similar journey to you. Maybe you have something to share? You will have an opportunity to do so here.

So, if this sounds like your kind of space, click the link and book on. We can’t wait to welcome you.

See you there.


Marie Hall