The importance of setting those goals.

What is a goal?

In summary, a goal is the object of your desire, ambition or effort.

It may be described as an aim or a desired result.

Why goals, what are the benefits?

When you have a compelling vision for the future, you will find yourself feeling excited.

With that promise, belief and knowledge that there will be better in the future, because you have something that you want to achieve, you will experience a sense of direction, motivation and focus.

Your goals provide a target, a reason, a point and suddenly you have a purpose, a focus, a direction. This will increase your energy. As well as energy, you want to feel driven.

What will drive you is your desire and your goal is basically, the object of your desire, a desired result.

So, set your goals, your goal is that motivation that will keep you doing what you are doing to achieve that goal.

We don’t necessarily know exactly how we are going to get there (next week’s theme is action when we will talk about this) but that is ok, we will work that out.

For now, let’s concentrate on setting those goals so we know what it is we are aiming for.

Your goals work like milestones that you must reach in order to arrive at your destination (definition of success).

A major benefit is the satisfaction of hitting a goal. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to cross one off the list and it motivates you to keep moving when you begin to see yourself getting closer to your end goal.

It is that sense that you are building momentum and that you can see the results of all that work that you have been putting in. It’s also a tremendous confidence boost.

How do I set my goals?

Utilise your 7 definitions of success. Apply your definitions as your end goals. 

The next goals that we will set are our stepping stones towards those 7 end goals.

These will be short, mid and long term goals and they come between today and the day that we achieve our end goals.

Yes, this is going to happen! You are absolutely capable of living your own versions of success in all of the 7 key areas of your life and setting your goals will be incremental in making this happen!

Let’s look at this closer.

Let’s look at your definition of success in the financial area of your life.

Let’s say that part of your definition of success in the financial area of your life is to become debt free.

How would you set your goals, that will get you to achieve the big end goal of becoming debt free?

To be debt free, what do you need to do? You need to pay off all of your debt.

So, one of your long term goals in the financial area of your life would be to pay all of your debt off.

So let’s set some more goals in accordance with this end goal.

  • Get all of your debt together in one place (goal 1).
  • Figure out what you still owe and who you owe it to (goal 2).
  • Consider your current outgoings with a view to finding the figure of what you can spare per month to bring this debt down (goal 3).
  • Write to whoever this debt is with, propose what you can pay a month, starting from when (goal 4).
  • Begin paying that amount back on a monthly basis. Set up a Standing Order or a Direct Debit (goal 5).
  • Keep up the repayments until all of your debt is paid however long this may take (goal 6).

When creating these goals categorise them into the below time spans.

The time span determines whether it is a short, mid or long term goal –

  • 24 hours and 3 months (short-term goals)
  • 3 months and 12 months (mid-term goals)
  • Over 12 months (long-term goals)

This is you taking back control of this area of your life. Your life, your rules, you are in control and you can do this!

Same with any of the other key areas.

This is how you will do it.

Apply this to any of the other areas and set your goals between today and that big end goal.

What was your definition?

How does that definition translate into your goals?

How do we get the super impact of setting these goals?

Get obsessed. Totally focus on these goals that you have put in place. Make them a priority, keep them where you can see them.

Unleash your desire and allow your want to make these things happen, become the energy that will get you there.

Create goals that will drive you and then commit to yourself and your goals.

Make your goals so real that it is as though you have already achieved them.

When considering the goals that you will set, consider how achieving them will make you feel.

Consider how they will change your life and consider how that change in your life will feel. How will feeling like that be better for you? For your family?

Make sure your goals are about you and your life and how you will feel and not how someone else will see you. Your success is about how you feel in your life and not about how others will view you.

You are not here to live a life that requires the validation from external factors. You are here to live the life that suites you, that excites and empowers you.

This is about you, because when you are fulfilled, focused and making it happen in your life, the rest will fall into place.

Now go and set some amazing goals! Don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Your life your rules.

It’s about empowerment!

Marie Hall