Unplug and feel the music

Welcome to Week 4 of “6 Saturday’s of Self-Care”

This week my simple tip for Saturday self-care is to take some time to unplug yourself, press play on your favourite tunes and let music soothe your soul.

Music speaks to every one of us, it affects our moods and engages our minds. Research has shown that music actuallyincreases our levels of the “feel good” hormone – Dopamine, so it’s an easy way to make ourselves feel happy.

We respond to music on a deep level and all we have to do is sit and listen.

We may may not realise how big a part music has played in our lives.  Have you ever been transported back in time when you have heard a particular song?  The chances are you have, this is because music is closely linked to our emotional memory.  There are so many songs and so many memories, good and bad and Duran Duran’s Rio is one song that takes me back, it still gives me that same happy feeling it did in the 80’s.

Music also affects our heart and breathing rates.  Soft songs can soothe us to sleep, upbeat songs energise us.  Think of the times you have danced until your legs couldn’t take anymore.  This one certainly gets me up on my feet!

Think of a song which makes you feel good every time and can instantly switch your mood.  This one never fails to put a smile on my face….

Music can be incorporated into every day self care and makes the more mundane activities a bit easier.  How many times have you danced your way through cleaning?

The trick is to listen to music that makes us feel good, not what is trendy at that time or what people around you enjoy.  That is the music that will transform your mood and touch your soul.

Music can alight strong emotions and we may not always feel like listening to upbeat music so make yourself playlists  for different moods.  Choose one for those moments when you need to a positive boost and maybe one with a slower beat, to allow us calm.  

We may want to dance or maybe we need to release our emotions and have a good cry, which can be a cathartic experience.

So this Saturday, find the music which connects to your mood.  Unplug yourself, feel the beat, listen to the words and let the music take you to where you need to go. It’s a simple but effective!

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Angela Hanley