We all love a bit of procrastinating, don’t we?

Some of us are better than others at it – yep I’ve done a fair bit in my time.

It can without doubt impact our results, outcomes and decisions if we let it. But in my opinion, procrastination isn’t the problem at all it’s the outcome of another problem that we need to tackle.

But let’s not be too tough on ourselves as I think we could all be forgiven for doing it a bit more of late as some indecision and uncertainty may have crept in as well.

Let’s be honest in turbulent times we can question our messaging, our actions and even our purpose or goals. In fact, what seemed to make sense one day for some reason the following day it may not make sense at all and we can question why we thought it was a good idea at all – or perhaps that’s just me!

It’s true that although we are currently in the same storm we are not necessarily in the same boat and our thoughts and actions are not going to be right for everyone no matter what we choose to do and if we tried to please everyone we wouldn’t do much at all.

That said there are without question times when we may need to reconfigure our actions based on what is happening around us – our gut feeling is so often right and getting an outside view can also be a good thing if you are second guessing yourself.

But what if your excuses and reasons are running out and you know we should be taking action – it feels right but you are still not doing it?

There is only one thing to do…

And that is to take some action, throw those excuses aside and really find out what is stopping you. Once you know that it can make the route forward so much clearer.
I’ve created a quick exercise to get beyond it which has helped me, and it may help you too!

✅Pick one of the tasks or projects that isn’t getting done and write it down at the top of a blank page or document. For example, ‘Create an online training session’

✅Underneath the task ‘Create an online training session’ write down all the individual steps/actions you need to do to complete it- the more the better.

✅Write how long each step will take you to complete (be realistic) If you don’t know leave it blank.

Three things will happen…

  1. It’s likely that one or more of the steps within the task is holding you back not the whole task and you’ll be able to identify it easily now – you may even groan as you write it down. It could be skill/fear/or time concerns etc.
  2. It breaks it down into bitesize pieces which are easier to complete and you’ve got an idea how long each but will take you to do individual parts of it. Also helps you to plan the right amount of time to complete it. If you haven’t put a time against it – think about what it involves and break it down further if you need to.
  3. It gives you some next steps and actions. For example, if one of the steps is techie stuff that is not your thing you need to decide do you learn/pay someone to do it for you or just keep moving it down your list or losing it altogether😉

So, there you have it…

What you end up with are some next steps and actions to start moving forward with and wow does it feel so much better than looking at ‘that task’ on your list that never gets done.

I hope it works for you – it certainly works for my clients.

This exercise is part of my programme 10 minutes 10 Days 10 Actions which is an online programme for small business owners who are setting up a service-based business or reconfiguring their services.

You can find it on www.2summitup.com/ten-actions/

Or get in touch on elaine@2summitup.com if you think I can help in some way or you’d like to share the outcome of this exercise I’d love to hear from you.

If you are a Coach, Counsellor or Mentor I’ve created a support group on LinkedIn here is the link – check it out https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12469230/ and see if it’s for you.

My very best

Elaine Atherton